Our Logo Explained

Welcome to the heart of Art of Krupinski, where tradition meets innovation and history intertwines with excellence. Our logo is more than just a symbol; it encapsulates the rich tapestry of Polish heritage and the enduring spirit of our ancestors. Join us as we delve into the three iconic components of the Art of Krupinski logo—Queen Kinga, Wojciech the Bear, and the Polish Hussar—and discover the stories behind these legendary figures. Through their tales of courage, camaraderie, and valour, we find inspiration for our winemaking journey.

Queen Kinga

The first part of the Art of Krupinski logo pays homage to Queen Kinga, a figure deeply rooted in Polish folklore. Legend has it that Queen Kinga, known for her compassion and wisdom, requested a unique dowry from her father, King Béla IV of Hungary, upon her engagement to Duke Bolesław V the Chaste of Poland. Instead of traditional riches, she asked for a wealth of rock salt, a precious commodity at the time. Furthermore, Queen Kinga's legacy is intimately tied to the Wieliczka salt mine, located near Krakow. This historic mine, one of the oldest in the world, dates back to the 13th century and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Wojciech the Bear

The second component of the Art of Krupinski logo commemorates Wojtek the Bear, a remarkable symbol of camaraderie and courage. Wojtek, a bear cub adopted by Polish soldiers during World War II, became an integral part of their unit, the 22nd Artillery Supply Company. He was known for his playful demeanour, fondness for beer, and remarkable strength. Wojtek's story exemplifies the resilience and spirit of the Polish people during challenging times.

Polish Hussar

The final component of the Art of Krupinski logo celebrates the Polish Hussars, legendary warriors renowned for their bravery and skill in battle. Originating in the 16th century, the Polish Hussars were elite cavalry units known for their distinctive winged armour and formidable combat tactics. They played a significant role in shaping Poland's military history and are revered as symbols of strength and honour.

Combining Tradition with Excellence

At Art of Krupinski, we honour the legacy of these iconic figures by blending tradition with excellence in every aspect of our winemaking. Inspired by the resilience and ingenuity of Queen Kinga, the camaraderie of Wojtek the Bear, and the valour of the Polish Hussars, we strive to create wines that embody the spirit of Polish heritage and hospitality.

So how did we manage to piece all these symbols together? A mighty as each individual story is, something has to stitch them together and what better way than with family. Long before Natalia & Artur decided to own a vineyard, they named their son Wojciech and their daughter Kinga in memory of these great figures of Polish history. It wasn’t until it was time to create a logo for the wines did the young couple decide to create a memory for their children.

Join us on a journey through time and taste as we invite you to experience the essence of Art of Krupinski wines—a tribute to the enduring legacy of our ancestors and the timeless traditions of Polish traditions.