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Art of Krupinski

Nestled in the heart of Granite Belt Wine Country lies a new family-owned vineyard that embodies the rich Polish heritage of its founders and prides itself on its robust and hearty hospitality.

With a focus on quality and tradition, the Art of Krupinski produces an array of carefully hand-crafted, boutique wines using only the finest grapes from its own vineyard. But it's not just the exquisite wines that draw visitors to this vineyard -the atmosphere is simply breathtaking. Art of Krupinski pays homage to the symbolism and patriarchy of Polish history, and their wines and products stem from stories and family history that they hold dear.

The vineyard is infused with cultural values that are felt in every interaction. It's a place where creating memories is just as important as the wine itself, and the welcoming atmosphere makes you feel right at home. The vineyard is a true family affair, with each member playing a unique role in the day-to-day operations, and their passion for the vineyard is evident in everything they do. Whether you're a first-time visitor or a regular, you're sure to leave with a full heart and a new family to call your own.

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364 Mount Stirling Rd, Glen Aplin, QLD 4381

Phone:0494 191 576| Email:sipwine@artofkrupinski.com.au

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Friday: By Appt. | Saturday: 10am-5pm. | Sunday: 11am-4pm.

Artur and Natalia Krupinski

We believe that whilst wine and winemaking is a beautiful journey, ultimately the key to making great wine is in the commitment and dedication that goes into nurturing the grapes from flowering to harvest.

Artur and Natalia are committed to staying true to their vision and producing high-quality local wines that reflect their passion and dedication. From the family estate and vineyard through to the cellar door, Art of Krupinski promises spontaneity and fun, while staying humble and true to their Polish traditions.